Cyclades 16-port Serial Expander


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This Cyclades 3×16-port Serial Expander bundle allows you to expand up to 48 RS232 serial devices.


What’s in the Box

(Items not sold separately)

  • 3 Cyclades 16-port Serial Expanders
  • 1 Cyclades power supply (CGNO1493)
  • 1 4-ft SCSI computer cable
  • 2 1-ft SCSI expansion cables
  • 6 19″ mounting brackets
  • 3.5″ diskettes with NT, SCO UNIX, Linux drivers
  • DB-25 to RJ-45 flat modem cables (will ship all available stock)
  • RJ-45 to RJ-48 telco cables (will ship all available stock)
  • 1 AC power cord


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Weight6.123 kg
Dimensions48.26 × 21.59 × 12.7 cm