Avaya TN799DP C-LAN


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The TN799DP provides connectivity over Ethernet or PPP (Point to Point Protocol) connection to applications. Supported systems are CentreVu, CMS, Intuity, Audix, DCS, printers, call accounting/CDR, and Property Management Systems. For H.323 functionality on the TN2302AP IP Interface, this card is required. Also, the TN799DP Control Lan Interface is needed to support ATM interface and WAN PNC. Can operate at 10Mbps or 100Mpbs, full or half duplex, both of which are administrative. 500 remote sockets are supported that have capabilities for 4kbyte UDP sockets.


  • Connectivity over PPP
  • Works with CMS, Audix, DCS, printers, call accounting/CDR, Property Management Systems
  • Supports variable length PING and Traceroute and Netstat network testing commands
  • ATM interface and WAN PNC Support
  • Allows for H.323 on TN2302AP IP Interface
  • Firmware downloadable
  • Requires 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Interface


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