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SIP Trunking

Many organizations today are seeking the most cost-effective and flexible way to transition to IP-based services. One highly effective strategy is SIP (session initiation protocol) trunking. The business world is talking about how SIP trunking saves money and simplifies your telecom infrastructure. SIP trunking is the next biggest evolution in the telecom industry.

How SIP trunking works

SIP Trunking service provides organizations with a gateway to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through an IP network. This allows voice calls, whether local or long distance, to run over a single data backbone.

Not only does SIP trunking provide more flexibility and simplicity in managing your network, it also provides the foundation for the deployment of on-premise or network-based unified communication applications, while offering a strong return on your IP technology investments.


DataCom will partner you with providers and industry leaders who can deliver SIP trunking on top rated MPLS and optical networks and who can lead you to SIP application server and session border controller markets that will provide your business a strong roadmap to future uniform communications and business benefits.

Service features include:

  • A highly robust and reliable design
  • Redundant and diverse infrastructure designs for high availability and service levels
  • Geographically dispersed SIP trunking nodes with redundant components in each location and redundant access paths
  • Enhanced calling features including call identification and call management
  • Industry interoperability based on SIP Forum guidelines
  • Best practice implementation
  • Bandwidth options


  • Integrate new sites faster and more efficiently
  • Quickly react to evolving business needs
  • Optimize available infrastructure resources and bandwidth
  • Eliminate the need for multiple TDM (time-division multiplexing) trunking subscriptions, PRI (primary rate interface) and PSTN (public switched telephone network) gateway interface devices
  • Simplify administration

Please contact DataCom if you would like to learn more about SIP trunking.