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Real Time Adherence

Do you know what your agents are doing?

The overall performance of the call centre is very dependent upon how effective the schedules are but more importantly if the agents are actually adhering or performing to those schedules.

To help call centre managers analyze how well schedules and agents perform, our RTA (Real Time Adherence) solution stores historical information and statistics about how well schedules are performing and how agents adhere to those schedules over time.

Agent adherence gives management a bird's eye view of what impacts the call centre and how its agents are performing but the most important result of adherence is that it is a window into the heart of performance management.

To measure agent adherence the schedules produced and assigned can be viewed in real time that compares the agent's planned or expected status to their actual status. Adherence to schedules can be viewed by managers via intuitive color coded screen visuals that can immediately provide identification of discrepancies between planned and actual employee status. If an agent is out of work state or in a state other than assigned this can be seen immediately for an intervention to be attempted if justified or adherence discrepancies to be documented. In large call centres, agent adherence is very difficult to manage manually and by doing so the call centre may not be running as efficiently as possible.

With an RTA solution in place, agent adherence can greatly improve a call centre's performance. If a call centre can plan a workday more effectively then the result will be better service to customers, and improvement in how agents perform. Even a slight improvement in agent adherence, can significantly lower the cost of doing business.

Please contact DataCom if you would like to learn more about our RTA solutions.