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RespOrg is an abbreviation for “Responsible Organization”, the term for an entity that has access into the SMS/800 database and maintains the customer records for a TFN (Toll Free Number).

One of the best solutions for a RespOrg is to use an independent third party RespOrg, rather than simply allowing the phone company servicing the number to be the RespOrg.

The phone company providing the service has a financial incentive to keep you there. So relying on them for your ability to transfer the number, can become a nightmare.

Many large phone companies have toll free winback teams who do everything possible to keep you stuck there. Many phone companies first make you fill out and fax forms, even though you have crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's, some phone companies turn right around and routinely deny the porting of your number, most often without telling anyone that the porting was denied. Some phone companies don't even tell each other that the porting was approved and completed.

If you have experienced arrogant attitudes, feel like you are hostage to your phone company with no where else to go, or fear you will one day have trouble with your TFN, we'll gladly help you out. Please feel to contact DataCom for more information.