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PBX Management

The Challenge

Not every business has the fortunes of having dedicated personnel to manage their PBX or telecom systems. The cost of having staff to manage legacy voice infrastructure, has been one of the primary driving forces in merging voice onto the data networks. With that comes the challenges of cooperation between voice and data management teams and the inefficiencies and expectations of having network managers understand, manage and maintain quality and reliability for voice.

Our Solution

DataCom offers PBX Management Services that will help your business with your voice infrastructure. We have the ability, experience, and understanding to work within the two worlds of data and voice. We can take over the ongoing maintenance and management of your PBX and voice infrastructure while providing your business flexibility, accountability, cost savings and quality control.

DataCom offers a single “pane of glass” approach across your entire enterprise, whether you own the PBX and equipment outright, or lease it through a third party vendor.

Our solution offers you

A cost reduction: by uncovering hidden expenses and providing centralized and standardized controls over your voice infrastructure

One partner: consolidation of management and maintenance contracts across multiple vendor technologies

Multi-vendor technical competency: integration and management of all brands of PBXes

A centralized control: visibility of performance across the global infrastructure and single reporting of costs and usage

An improved performance: standardization of service level agreements and service support processes, and improved and consistent service levels

Your Benefits

By outsourcing your PBX and voice management, your employees are able to focus on their core activities, and you can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your voice infrastructure. It will provide you with a single commercial relationship and point of contact for global service delivery, service management and support, along with simplified billing and greater buying power. And by providing a stable platform for your voice services, we are able to lay the foundation for your migration to IP telephony.

Please contact DataCom if you would like to learn more about our PBX Management Services.