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Workforce Management

In the contact centre environment, Work Force Management (WFM) encompasses four key processes: forecasting the volume of customer contacts, using the forecasts to create agent schedules that will meet service level requirements, assigning those schedules to agents, and managing changes on an ongoing basis.

DataCom can help put in place the right solution to meet your organization's needs. It can be a solution that integrates well into existing contact centre platforms, or it can be a simple standalone solution.

Using advanced analysis and data unique to your company, WFM will help you predict demand, abandon rates and queue times. It can also help you optimize your workforce with schedules that take agent skills, preferences and proficiencies into consideration. This will help you minimize your labor costs and will ensure you have the brand-building quality of service you need, when you want it.

Another huge benefit WFM can have, is advanced scheduling capability. You can build schedules around things like agent seniority, preferences, performance and your forecasted demand to ensure the most optimal schedule scenarios. WFM also allows you to assign tasks and includes real-time agent tracking so you know whether an agent is adhering to their assigned schedule or not.

Please contact DataCom and let us show you how we can easily automate all your workforce worries.