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Whether you need a simple manual dialer, or a sophisticated predictive dialer, DataCom can help you setup for almost any requirement.

✓ Remind patients or customers of upcoming appointments
✓ Complete an interactive survey
✓ Provide a community with vital information during an emergency
✓ Assist in obtaining polling data
✓ Provide marketing and sales force with leads
✓ Alert personnel of an alarm or a serious condition

Not only will we setup and manage the hardware and software to meet all of your existing and future needs, we will also provide you with the necessary tools, processes and techniques on how to use this technology in manner that is non-intrusive, appropriate, and respectful of privacy, and in accordance to local, regional, and national laws, regulations, rules, or guidelines.

For more information on manual dialers, auto dialers, preview dialers and predictive dialers, please contact DataCom.