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Offsite Data Storage

Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to backup data properly and as often as necessary. Our off-site archived data storage services removes this burden from your business and increases the security of your data.

✓ Companies experience data problems every single day.
✓ Money and resources spent recovering without a plan can be crippling.
✓ Testing a backup is a key in recovery.
✓ 25% of businesses never reopen after a disaster.
✓ Tapes fail and they fail often.
✓ People make mistakes. Good intentions won't keep you in business.
✓ Hardware fails then you realize how much you need it.
✓ Buildings burn down, get flooded, etc.
✓ Natural disasters do happen.
✓ Company equipment breaks down or sometimes gets stolen.

Today, with so much critical information being stored electronically, it is essential to have data recovery services you can count on.

DataCom provides cloud backup, disaster backup, online data storage and offline data backup solutions. Cloud backup allows users to safely store, access, and restore data quickly from any Internet connected computer. Our automated online backup services are tailored to your needs and offer ease of use and convenience.

Ensure your data is protected by contacting DataCom today!