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Technology News

UN chief issues dramatic climate appeal to world leaders

Mon, 2018-12-03 03:17
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres opened the climate summit in Poland by issuing a dramatic appeal to world leaders Monday to take seriously the threat of global warming and act boldly to avert a catastrophic rise in temperatures before the end of the century.

How engineers are straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Mon, 2018-12-03 01:07
The gravitationally-challenged Leaning Tower of Pisa is leaning less after years of ambitious engineering work. Fortunately for the millions of tourists who visit the landmark every year, the 57-metre (186-feet) tower remains tilted.

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques set to blast off to space on Monday

Sun, 2018-12-02 16:12
If all goes according to plan, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will take off at 6:31 a.m. eastern time from the steppes of Kazakhstan on the first manned Russian rocket launch since a dramatic aborted Soyuz failure in October.

Canada's chief scientist on navigating the new world of politics

Sun, 2018-12-02 10:42
Canada's new chief science adviser says she is already seeing evidence her informal meetings with ministers and deputies and the questions she answers during her lab tours with government researchers are having an effect.

No foolproof way to keep lid on gene-editing technology: scientists

Sun, 2018-12-02 09:56
Scientists say there's no certain way to stop someone intent on monkeying with DNA, no matter what laws or standards are in place.

Visually impaired sea lions join group at New Orleans zoo

Sat, 2018-12-01 14:38
A pair of visually impaired 2-year-old sea lions has joined the four sea lions already at the zoo in New Orleans.

Planet Earth working on 3 Mars landers to follow InSight

Sat, 2018-12-01 08:54
As Mars' newest resident settles in, Planet Earth is working on three more landers and at least two orbiters to join the scientific Martian brigade.

Robots in the field: farms embracing autonomous technology

Fri, 2018-11-30 08:13
Faced with seesawing commodity prices and the pressure to be more efficient and environmentally friendly, more farmers are enlisting robots created by a new wave of "agri-tech" startups.

To encourage more use, Instagram to allow sharing with fewer

Fri, 2018-11-30 08:06
Instagram is adding a feature to make it easier to share photos and videos with fewer folks.

Facial recognition deployed at China marathon to stop cheating

Fri, 2018-11-30 06:53
Facial recognition will be deployed at a marathon on Sunday in China to crack down on cheating, state media said, after a half-marathon was blighted by widescale flouting of the rules.

Admitted to taking down endangered trees: Lake Louise ski resort to be sentenced

Fri, 2018-11-30 04:32
A judge is to sentence a world-renowned Alberta ski resort today for cutting down endangered trees five years ago. The Lake Louise resort in Banff National Park pleaded guilty last December to taking down a stand of trees, including some whitebark pine, along a ski run in 2013.

'Uber for snow removal:' New app inspired by Winnipeg's winter weather

Fri, 2018-11-30 04:30
OnTheStep founder Buhle Mwanza spent months developing an on-demand snow clearing app, which connects homeowners with shovellers -- called steppers -- to get their driveways and walkways cleared.

51 pilot whales die in another mass stranding in New Zealand

Fri, 2018-11-30 00:02
Fifty-one pilot whales have died in a another mass stranding in New Zealand, less than a week after 145 pilot whales died in a different part of the country.

Next U.S. moon landing will be by private companies, not NASA

Thu, 2018-11-29 14:47
America's next moon landing will be made by private companies. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced Thursday that nine U.S. companies will compete in delivering experiments to the lunar surface, possibly in 2019.

Canadian astronaut says launch most dangerous part of upcoming space mission

Thu, 2018-11-29 12:22
Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques is bracing for some tense moments during next Monday's launch of the Soyuz rocket that will send him and two others to the International Space Station.

Whales' wails deepening as waters warm, study suggests

Thu, 2018-11-29 09:47
Whales’ voices are becoming significantly lower-pitched, according to a new study that points to climate change as a likely cause.

Facebook users may soon be able to censor what they see

Thu, 2018-11-29 08:10
Facebook appears to be planning on giving users the ability to censor their personal timelines, allowing them to block certain words or phrases from ever appearing.

Instagram adds features to increase platform accessibility for the visually impaired

Thu, 2018-11-29 05:36
The popular photo sharing app is turning towards AI to write alternative text for posts that can be read by a screen reader.

Greenhouse-gas emissions killing Canadians: medical journal

Wed, 2018-11-28 19:50
A new report from one of the world's most prestigious medical journals says Canada's failure to cut greenhouse-gas emissions isn't just killing the planet, it's killing Canadians.

FBI charges two men in 2016 ransomware attack that hit University of Calgary

Wed, 2018-11-28 19:33
The FBI says it has charged two men in Iran as part of an investigation into cyberattacks that targeted the University of Calgary and computer networks in the United States. The university paid a ransom of $20,000 after the 2016 attack.