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Application Enablement Services

Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services provides developer interfaces for both off-the-shelf and custom integrations with hundreds of communications and business applications such as Microsoft Office Communicator,IBM Lotus Sametime, central station automation, alarm monitoring and processing, as well as a broad range of contact center, call recording and click-to-dial applications.

AE Services runs on a Linux server and is tightly integrated with Avaya Communication Manager and Avaya contact centre solutions. Application Enablement Services provides an open platform for supporting existing applications and serves as a catalyst for creating the next generation of applications and business solutions.

Key Customer Benefits

✓ Improve worker efficiency and productivity by eliminating manual dialing and driving all communication operations to a single desktop interface (i.e., Microsoft OC or IBM Sametime client).
✓ More efficiently develop and integrate applications for business solutions by leveraging Web Services interfaces.
✓ Favorably impact Total Cost of Ownership with the latest IP-based call recording solutions.
✓ Increase uptime for critical applications and lessen disruptions utilizing a secure, load-balanced, and redundant communication link to Avaya Aura Communication Manager.
✓ Enterprises can create their own applications using Software Development Kits (SDKs), training, tools, documentation, and developer support from Avaya.

Feature Summary

Automatic Failover: Eliminates Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services (AES) as a single point of failure by ensuring that if one Avaya Aura™ AES server fails, the second Avaya Aura™ AES server automatically takes over.

Integration with IBM Sametime: Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services integrates with IBM Lotus Sametime. The enterprise-class integration provides click-to-call, click-to-conference, and telephony presence capabilities from IBM Lotus clients. With Avaya’s integrated telephony presence feature, Sametime users can see who is on the phone even when that user is not logged into Sametime.

Integration with Microsoft Office Communicator: Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services makes possible numerous desktop telephony features such as click-to-call, click-to-conference and exchanging Avaya telephony presence with other Microsoft Office Communicator users. These features improve the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise worker by eliminating the manual aspect of dialing numbers and driving all their communication operations to a single desktop interface.

Integration with IBM Websphere CEA: Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services integrates with IBM Websphere Application Server (WAS) Communications Enabled Applications (CEA) to allow Websphere IT developers to easily and rapidly add Avaya communications capabilities to their applications.

Third-Party Call Control: Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services provides adjunct control of telephone calls (e.g. third-party call control) through its call control APIs (TSAPI, JTAPI, CallVisor LAN (CVLAN) and DEFINITY LAN Gateway (DLG)) to complete adjunct routing of incoming calls, report various events to an adjunct, provide notification/control for a specific station/call, perform adjunct invocation of switch features and respond to adjunct queries for information.

TSAPI/JTAPI Service: Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services with Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager and Avaya Aura™ SIP Enablement Services provides the ability to control Avaya SIP endpoints via TSAPI/JTAPI.

Device and Media Control/Fundamental Third-Party Call Control: Device, Media and Call Control (DMCC) exposes the powerful feature set of your Avaya telephony server through an open, standards based, Java and Extensible Markup Language (XML) programming interface.

To learn more about Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services, and how this platform can be implemented, utilized, and managed by us for your business, please contact DataCom.