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Business Advocate offers contact centre managers and customer service executives a new methodology for intelligently automating alignment of enterprise objectives with agent and management performance as well as customer needs. Business Advocate helps businesses deliver a superior customer experience through predictive monitoring and matching technology that will intelligently assess customer needs and then execute a real-time match to the right agent in the right time.

Using sophisticated routing techniques created in Avaya Labs, Business Advocate eliminates the randomness and delays associated with matching of voice, email, and web chat requests. Business Advocate manages all voice, email, and web chat interactions via a single universal queue from which the pre-established business objectives, customer needs, as well as agent skills and availability are utilised to optimise selection of the most qualified agent to optimise the customer service experience.

Business Advocate actively monitors customer needs and business value, customer segmentation policies and service level objectives, as it analyses the qualifications and availability of agents to predict how soon they will become available. By managing all agent resources via a single enterprise wide pool, Advocate then decides which agents should be matched to which customer. This does not necessarily mean connecting the customer who has waited longest, but the customer whose immediate service may bring the greatest value to the business.

Key Benefits

✓ Increased operational efficiency and effectiveness through:
✓ Equitable work distribution
✓ Proactive and automatic problem identification and resolution
✓ Supervisors gain greater control and need not intervene manually

Key Features

✓ Proactive, automatic problem identification and resolution
✓ Intelligent management and routing of inbound voice, email and web chat sessions
✓ Better management of agent resource even if distributed across multiple locations
✓ Efficient call distribution via constant monitoring:
✓ Current Time In Queue
✓ Predicted Wait Time
✓ Expected Wait Time
✓ Business Advocate then determines which type of interaction to send to which agent
✓ Rapid reaction to changing circumstances
✓ Dynamic re-allocation of calls based on call volume
✓ Ensures that all calls are given the best possible level of services

Please feel free to contact DataCom if you would like some additional information on Avaya Advocate.